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Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing and communications are part of our everyday life’s nowadays. With the influence of social media, it is essential to learn how to create contents and make it effective for conversion. In order to get a job as a Media Planner or Marketing Director you need to learn to apply digital solutions, analyse consumer behaviours, analyse data and conduct marketing audits.


The global demand for education to develop programs that teach with real case scenarios is essential. Learn through experience, practice in real workshops, create, develop and sustain a product or service that will launch you to the word of business. Learn about financial levers, how to read a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet and that profit is a reality rather than revenue.

Project Management

Become a pro at managing projects across different industries. With opportunities as Quality officer, a project administrator or a contract officer by learning skills such as scope and quality management, how to apply quality processes and procedures, and perform risk control activities among other vital proficiencies for this exciting industry.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting is a skill required in the current fast paced world of finance. Whether you are a business owner or working for an organisation, knowing your numbers is vital. You will learn the key general business requirements to prepare financial reports to meet statutory requirements and establish and maintain accounting information systems.

Travel & Tourism

Everyone loves to travel and see the world, so it would be great to learn what it takes to propel this career to the sky. Whether you become a tour operator, travel agent or travel consultant, having skills such as interpreting financial information, leading and managing people and managing conflict will surely give you access to great work opportunities.