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Engineering Technical & Civil Construction

This dual diploma will teach you the fundamentals of engineering as well as working with technology such as 3D printing, engineering design and analysis software. During your studies you will undertake exciting projects including designing, printing and building a drone, or designing a freeze drying system. By working on civil design projects such as concrete and steel structures, roads, pavement, and drainage, you will improve your drafting and technical design skills.

Aircraft maintenance Engineering / Mechanical Avionics

Learn about the technology behind the system of a variety of aircrafts and how to maintain and fix them. An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s main duty is to ensure the aircrafts are safe and airworthy to fly. It is a rewarding and globally high demand occupation that is well-paid and gives you the opportunity to work world-wide.

Electronics Communications Engineering

This occupation is currently experiencing strong growth and it is expected that there will be thousands of job openings over the next five years. You will learn how to design and validate electronics and communication equipment, as well as develop skills in risk and project management with the opportunity to become a senior technical officer.

Associate Degree Civil Engineering

Get qualified to work as a civil or structural engineering associate on infrastructure project, or as a technical consultant in industries like construction, transportation, mining, engineering or local and state government agencies. Develop skills in the application of civil and structural engineering technology and gain knowledge in drafting and modelling structural, environmental and municipal engineering and project management.

Telecommunications Network Engineering

Become a technical specialist in IT and Networking with high level skills and knowledge in telecommunications and information technology networks using IP systems. You will learn to forecast network growth for enterprise network planning, design, implement, set up and manage telecommunications equipment and network.