I.T. & Cybersecurity Networking

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Certificate III Information Digital Media Technology

The demand for IT workers around the world is high at the moment, specially with the current digital era the investment in newer faster and flexible technology from companies. You will be able to get a job as Network technician, ICT security specialist or Network Analyst among other career options.

Diploma of Software Development

According to the Australian Government, the number of people working in the software development industry is growing rapidly which is a great opportunity to get a job in this fantastic and fast evolving area.

Diploma of Website Development

The creative minds nowadays are reflected in the creation of websites and applications. Employment opportunities for web and software developers are growing rapidly. Its popularity is due to the continuing e-commerce boom and demand for computer software. Prepare yourself to integrate data bases with websites as well as research and apply emerging web technology trends.

Certificate 4 Cyber security + Diploma of Networking

Demand for creative problem solvers is at an all time high, since cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common not only in Australia but around the world. Become a Cyber security support officer or a Security penetration tester among other exciting careers by learning how to write script for software applications as well as implement network security infrastructure for an organization.

Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain

Block Chain technology is going to rule a big part of our world. It is a peer to peer network of trust that allows parties to make transactions without any intermediaries. Be part of this revolutionary and promising technology by gaining skills in establishing block chain frameworks, apply big data to block chain marketing strategies among other essential units require to succeed in this industry.

Diploma of Database Design and Development

Develop the specialized skills to plan and create (ICT) Information and Communications Technology data base systems for a wide range of Businesses. Gain a job as a Database designer and developer, Database Analyst or Database administrator by leaning the usage of query language and model data objects amid other topics that will take you to the roots of this infinite world.