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This elegant and yet underrated city, is located in South Australia. Besides of offering great study options and an incomparable quality of life, still unknown to many, although not for very long.

It is a modern city, full of opportunities and home of the best wines in Australia. The international student population is low, which will give you the opportunity of mixing with the locals and live an Aussie experience.  

Adelaide has one of the best transport systems in the country. You will find some services for free, such as the city tram and the buses that loop around the CBD.

If you can’t really handle the humidity, we welcome you to the driest city in Australia, something that in this country isn’t that common. On the other hand, it is valid to say that Adelaide could reach some of the lowest temperatures during winter.

A great advantage of being a small city close to the capital, is that the cost of living is relatively low, compared to any other medium size city, for almost 20%. This gets to show that the jobs available are having a significant participation so are the opportunities to succeed in this city.

Study in Adelaide

Should I live in Adelaide​?









Where should you live in Adelaide​?

  • Eastern and Southeast Suburbs

Burnside and Kensington Gardens (East), Springfield and Netherby (Southeast), are the suburbs you could live in these sides of the city. Well known for their leafy areas and quite streets.

  • Zona Oeste: / Western Suburbs

Glenelg and Brighton are suburbs closer to the beach, which make them quite popular and more expensive.

  • Northern Suburbs

You will find areas like Medindie, Walkerville or Prospect, where despite of being close to the city, you can choose to live either in an apartment or a big house. North East, you will find Brompton, best known for being the bohemian suburb, by catching a lot of that Melbourne vibe, full of restaurants, shops and trendy places.

  • If you don’t want to pay for the tram, be careful not to catch it outside of the CBD.
  • We try to encourage you to hang out with people who don’t speak your language, and we believe Adelaide is the right place for that. There is no excuse to continue improving your English skills in Adelaide.

Your study options


The initial step to learning English is through a basic General English program. This is an easy going and dynamic way of learning. This course will lead you through the main 4 elements of the language such as speaking and reading.

Professional Courses

Vocational courses (VET) offer students the opportunity to learn occupational skills ranging from Hospitality, Project Management, Business, sports and Fitness, etc., and that usually include work experience.

Higher Education

Australian universities have a great reputation worldwide, so having the opportunity to study higher education in a country like Australia can be a decision that will impact the rest of your professional future.

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