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The largest city on the Australian west coast and the fourth largest in the country. It is in full expansion and offers a great quality of life that students appreciate.

It is known for being smaller and more isolated than Australia’s other cities. But its liveability makes up for what it lacks in accessibility and size. The friendly people and unbeatable value make it a coast gem for those who want the beach lifestyle.

Located on the banks of Swan River,  which through city life goes by and it is just a step away from hundreds of natural paradises of unique nature and virgin beaches of crystal clear water perfect for surfing.

Western Australia is also home to the quokka, a short-tailed scrub wallaby that loves selfies and pictures. In addition, you can also get on the ferry to visit Rottnest Island and enjoy the views of King´s Park and the Botanical Gardens.

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Where should you live in Perth​?

  •  City Centre

This is the best way to enjoy all facilities such as the public library and where everything is at your doorstep.

  • Leederville

Located west of the CBD, this hip suburb provides you with all the city living aspects.

  • Cottesloe

This suburb offers beachside living and is only located 9km from the CBD. This is a hotspot for surfing, snorkelling and oceanside dining.

  • Northbridge

Northbridge is just a 5-minute walk from the city centre and is the cultural hub with its renowned shopping, cafe’s entertainment and restaurants.

  • Mt Lawley

Located on just north of Northbridge, it has become Perths hot spots for a good night out. It is a multicultural neighbourhood that boasts of wine bars, boutique stores and fancy hangouts to enjoy a cocktail or two.

  • Scarborough

North-west of the Perth CBD, Scarborough it is right next to Wembley Downs on the south and North Beach. You’ll have access to stunning beaches while only being 12km away from the CBD.

  • Perth is not a 24/7 city, so don’t expect to see the city jumping Monday to Friday.
  • Just like many states, Perth has implemented a card for their public transport system, it is called the SmartRider card.
  • The Australian sun can damage your skin, so remember to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.

Your study options


The initial step to learning English is through a basic General English program. This is an easy going and dynamic way of learning. This course will lead you through the main 4 elements of the language such as speaking and reading.

Professional Courses

Vocational courses (VET) offer students the opportunity to learn occupational skills ranging from Hospitality, Project Management, Business, sports and Fitness, etc., and that usually include work experience.

Higher Education

Australian universities have a great reputation worldwide, so having the opportunity to study higher education in a country like Australia can be a decision that will impact the rest of your professional future.

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