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Sydney, the eternal “not capital of Australia but as if it were” with one of the most important pieces of architecture recognizes worldwide “The Opera House”.


Where it is capital is the state of New South Wales, which is what we can call the southeast corner of the continent. In addition, Sydney also carries the banner of the most populated city whose beaches are also considered the most beautiful. In other words, we could say that it is a wonderful cocktail to order if you like the frantic pace in small doses that conciliates with continuous escapes to one of the more than 100 beaches that it has on its coast.

Add to this mix an enviable climate that is usually quite stable for how crazy it can be, (still do not trust yourself because it does not stop being Australia) and a wild nature where you can find an infinity of natural parks in addition to the well-known beaches. Thousands of events related to almost everything you can imagine and all the multiculturalism that has and has been. When moving around this city, you should order online or find a retailer to obtain the Opal Card.

Keep in mind this is free, this card will allow you to use the local public transport that includes train, bus and ferry. It should be noted that one of the best advantages with an Opal card, when you have paid for eight journeys in one week (Monday to Sunday), you reach the Weekly Travel Reward. For the rest of that week, your fares will be half price.

You must tap on and tap off each time to receive the discount.  (and that in our point of view is a very good strategy to promote its use) is that from the ninth weekly use, this included, will discount half of the established price. In terms of leasing opportunities, Sydney is not the cheapest city to live in, so we warn you to have prepared savings to meet the first months. Of course, being so big you also have more areas to choose from.

On the other hand, although the standard of living is higher than in other parts of the continent, the number of jobs is also higher taking into account the number of inhabitants, tourists and students.

Should I live in Sydney?









Where should you live in Sydney?

  • CBD

The Center Business District, although it is a good option for comfort and proximity, the truth is that it does not have much accommodation, although in case there is, it would be quite unaffordable.

  • Pyrmont and Ultimo

Eminently student neighbourhoods, so the prices are somewhat lower, also because they are somewhat further from the centre by the west, but like all of Sydney, are very well connected with several buses and trains.

  • Beach neighbourhoods

The most famous is Bondi Beach as it could not be otherwise, prices will rise in high season. Bondi Junction is what we might call the Bondi service area because it is where you can find the supermarkets and the train and bus stations and it is only about 10 minutes by bus from Bondi Beach. Coogee is somewhat quieter than Bondi Beach although it depends on the time of year Maroubra is the quietest by far, although of course, you have to have the 40-minute bus ride you need to get to the city. Manly has everything, bars, restaurants and cafe because if you live there, you almost can not get out and that is, it is on the other side of the bay, so to go to the city, you will have to take a ferry.

  • Darlinghurst and Surry Hills

There are the two neighbourhoods closest to the city and therefore, they have everything: restaurants, cafes and shops everywhere. Taking into account all the services offered is a good area to live, it will not hurt to pay a little more.

  • Redfern and Chippendale

like the previous two, they are student neighbourhoods but in this case, they are located in the south of the city. Same transport facilities and services like supermarkets, shops, etc. 

  • Newtown

although it is a bit far from the beach, it is a neighbourhood that never sleeps. We could say that it is one of the coolest and underground in the whole city. And this tag can cost you a little more expensive if you choose to live here. But it’s up to you how much you like being at the core of the roll.

  • Glebe

It’s the mythical neighbourhood in which just by setting foot, you already feel the good vibes. A million coffees following the Aussie taste for latte-art, and the same number of restaurants. A flea market that does not miss on Saturday and price in the market average.

As like the rest of Australian cities, Sydney has a travel pass for public transport, in this case, the Opal Card, when getting on and also when getting off the bus. Otherwise, we will apply the full tour fee.

The climate of Sydney is good, but sometimes it also surprises with a tropical storm that we did not see coming. Therefore, it ends up being more useful to get a raincoat with an umbrella, especially because these types of storms are often accompanied by strong winds and the umbrellas end up breaking.

Keep in mind when it comes to renting a room, if you have found one that you like, do not think twice because this city is the most populated and you can lose it in a blink of an eye.

It seems silly, but, although we have verified that the water of the toilet goes in the same sense here that in the rest of the planet, the direction at the time of walking by the street is opposite. That is to say, not only do cars go in the opposite direction to what we are used to; also the people: on the escalators, on the pedestrian paths and on anything that has to be lined up.

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The initial step to learning English is through a basic General English program. This is an easy going and dynamic way of learning. This course will lead you through the main 4 elements of the language such as speaking and reading.

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Vocational courses (VET) offer students the opportunity to learn occupational skills ranging from Hospitality, Project Management, Business, sports and Fitness, etc., and that usually include work experience.

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Australian universities have a great reputation worldwide, so having the opportunity to study higher education in a country like Australia can be a decision that will impact the rest of your professional future.

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