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If you wish to undertake an academic program in Australia, this visa is for you. You can study English language (ELICOS) a wide range of professions (VET) and university degrees (HE), or even undertake a study path to study all of the above!

The minimum duration of the student visa is 3 months, and while most candidates study 2-3 years, some study for up to 5 years, depending on the length of courses and study paths they choose.

While on a student visa, you are allowed to work 40 hours / fortnight (or 20 hours / week). During non-study periods, you are allowed to work full-time

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Entry Requirements

To obtain a student visa, you must be enrolled into an eligible course of study. The entry requirements for student visas majorly depend on the course you are planning to undertake, and vary by program and institution.

For example, if you wish to study a VET course or in Higher Education, you will need to prove English proficiency, whilst this might not be necessary to undertake an English language course (ELICOS). You can find more information about general requirements for each sector here.

When applying for a student visa, you must hold an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) – unless you fall in one of the exemption categories. This is a health insurance that will fully cover, or greatly reduce most hospital and medical expenses.

The amount of coverage depends on the provider you choose, the type of treatment you need and the hospital you’re being treated at. For a wider coverage, you may also pay for private health insurance on top of your OSHC, even though this is not a visa requirement.

As part of your visa application, you will need to prove that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) and intend to return home after studying in Australia. As an applicant, you must provide a personal statement addressing the GTE requirement, including information about your study and work history, economic situation in your home country or country of residence, your personal ties to your home country or country of residence and many more aspects. This personal statement is very important, as it makes up to 70% of your visa application.

The other 20% is based on your financial stability and support, and the last 10% is made up by any extra documentation.

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