Study Programs in Australia


English courses, IELTS, Cambridge

The English courses are intensive and the main objective is to help students to achieve a better level of English competence for their further studies.

Within the ELICOS modality, you will be able to choose between different ways of learning English depending on the reason that led you to learn English:
General English; IELTS preparation; Business English; English for Academic Purposes (EAP) or Cambridge Exams.

Professional Courses

Professional courses australia

Vocational courses (VET) offer students the opportunity to learn occupational skills ranging from Hospitality, Project Management, Business, sports and Fitness, etc., and that usually include work experience.

To undertake a VET course in Australia, you must have a valid student visa and demonstrate a certain ability of English which may depends on each institution and course chosen.

There are three types of level within the vocational courses: Certificates I to IV, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. These courses are an excellent way to guide you towards Higher Education in Australia.

Higher Education

Master degree in AUSTRALIA

Australian universities have a great reputation worldwide, so having the opportunity to study higher education in a country like Australia can be a decision that will impact the rest of your professional future.

This is not a myth, Australia has 7 universities ranked into the Top 100 of the
most important universities in the world. Only two other countries have more Universities within this privileged list.
The choice of programs universities offer is equally wide since you can study Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees and PHD (Doctorates).

Study Tours

Summer camps in Australia

Nowadays, learning a second language from an early age is essential for the future of children. For this reason, at MATE Education we offer you the possibility of sending your children overseas to learn English at they own pace. They will also learn the value of knowing another culture and interact with people from all origins.

All the experience is developed around the atmosphere of constant entertainment during which they will practice sports, art, and will be able to assist to personal development workshops, etc. In addition, you as a parent, you can decide the type of courses and activities according to your child preferences as well as the age group.

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