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General English- Elicos

Intensive English Course in New Zeland

The initial step to learning English is through a basic General English program. This is an easy going and dynamic way of learning. This course will lead you through the main 4 elements of the language such as grammar, listening, speaking and reading.

It doesn’t matter if you have any knowledge of English. On the first day of classes, you will be able of sitting an entry level test, which will help your teacher to work towards helping you achieve your goals, and assign you in one of the 6 existing levels:

1º Beginner | 2º Elementary | 3º Pre-Intermediate

 4º Intermediate | 5ºUpper-Intermediate | 6º Advanced

As you improve your skills, you will be moving from level to level. But what happens if you have good grammar, but you struggle with your speaking? No Worries Mate! You will have a different level for each subject, so you can carry on with your leaning without slacking any area of study.

This is such a great study plan!

IELTS Preparation

IELTS test Academic and general

IELTS means (International English Language Testing System):

This is a great option if you need to certify your skills in the English Language, for the purpose of going to University in Australia, England, Canada or New Zealand. Opposite to Cambridge, there is only one type of IELTS exam with 2 variations (General or Academic).

IELTS could sometimes be valid in the US and other countries in Latin America and Asia.


Business English Courses

English for business purposes

Business English is an interesting area of the English Language, if you are aiming to work in the corporate world.

English for Academic Purposes Courses (EAP)

English for academic purposes

If your future study plans are studying a master in English o perhaps a Bachelor Degree in a English Language country, this program will get you prepared and ready for it.

Cambridge Preparation Courses
Get a Cambridge Certificate CAE

Cambridge Exams will prepare you, not only to sit the exam itself, but throughout the preparation, you will be able to increase your grammar skills and improve what the General English program previously taught you.

The types of Cambridge courses and exams are, Cambridge FCE ( First Certificate of English), Cambridge Adavance (CAE), and Cambridge Proficiency (CPE).

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