Professional Courses

Vocational or Technical Courses in Australia

Vocational courses (VET) offer students the opportunity to learn occupational skills ranging from Hospitality, Project Management, Business, sports and Fitness, etc., and that usually include work experience.

To undertake a VET course in Australia, you must have a valid student visa and demonstrate a certain ability of English which may depends on each institution and course chosen.

There are three types of level within the vocational courses: Certificates I to IV, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. These courses are an excellent way to guide you towards Higher Education in Australia.

Become a personal trainer in Australia

Study Fitness in Australia

Become a Yoga Instructor in Australia

Study in Australia a vocational Course. What are the requirements

Study Sports & Recreation + Surfing Classes in Australia

Study and surf in Australia

Study Business in Australia

Become an Entrepreneur in Australia

English Courses, IELTS, Cambridge.

Diploma in Project Management in Australia

Study Diploma in Marketing

Study Marketing in Australia

Study to be a Chef in Australia

Become a Chef in Australia

Study Carpentry in Australia

Study Automotive in Australia

Add points towards your Permanent Residency

Study Wall, Floor & Tiling in Australia

Study Engineering and Building COnstruction

Study Civil Construction & Design in Australia

Study Community Services in Australia

Study English and work as a Demi-pair in Australia

Study Childcare in Australia

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