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Nowadays, learning a second language from an early age is essential for the future of children. For this reason, at MATE Education we offer you the possibility of sending your children overseas to learn English at they own pace. They will also learn the value of knowing another culture and interact with people from all origins.

All the experience is developed around the atmosphere of constant entertainment during which they will practice sports, art, and will be able to assist to personal development workshops, etc. In addition, you as a parent, you can decide the type of courses and activities according to your child preferences as well as the age group.

Study Tours in Australia

Here you can have 3 choices of all-inclusive packages

TAP General

Offers General offers morning language classes and a and various sporting, social, tourism and cultural activities in the afternoon.

TAP Surf

Surfing is for those who want to take to the waves in one of Australia’s best-surfing destinations. Following morning English classes and surfing with a former World Champion surfer and professional instructors in the afternoon.


Here students combine morning English language classes with high-quality tennis coaching at the famous Noosa Springs Resort Centre. No matter what your level is, our instructors will have you serving up aces.

Ages: 13 to 17

Duration: 1 to 4 Weeks

Start dates: All Year round

Campuses: Brisbane, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay

Summer Camps in Australia

The summer camps have 2 terms per year January – February for groups of 10 students minimum and June – August, for groups and individuals

This program is suitable for young students, who want to immerse in an enjoyable English language environment. Here you will focus on conversational English.

Ages: 10 to 17

Duration: 1 to 4 Weeks

Start dates: January – February, June – August

Campuses: Brisbane, Gold Coast

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