Programs in Spain

Intensive Spanish

Learn Spanish Abroad

The intensive Spanish program has been oriented towards students who wish to immerse in the Spanish language. With this program, you will gain fluency and improve conversational skills in the shortest amount of time possible. Its classes are dynamic and interactive, where you will have the opportunity of mixing with students from all parts of the world.

There are 4 types of Intensive Spanish;

Intensive 15, Intensive 20, Intensive 25 and Intensive 30

DELE Exam Preparation

certificacion DELE en España

The DELE (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language), is the only Spanish certificate for non-Spanish speakers, officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education. It is the perfect exam for those who are looking at studying at a Spanish University, or who intend to work in a Spanish speaking country.

There are 6 levels of DELE exam preparation in total, starting from A1 to C2.

SIELE Exam Preparation

certificacion DELE en España

SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluacion de la Lengua Espanola), which means, The International Service for Spanish Language Assessment. This exam certifies students in Spanish proficiency through 4 tests that evaluate skills such as, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and interaction, and oral expression and interaction.

Business Spanish & Chamber of Commerce

Study Spanish for business in Spain

Recognized by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, this exam has gained international recognition, allowing students to gain access to the workforce and boosting their careers in business. This program will give you all the tools and knowledge, to become familiar with the technical and practical terminology in the business and finance field, all in the Spanish language.

Junior Programs

Specially designed for students aged 14 to 18, who wish to live a cultural and linguistic experience with people from all parts of the world. This all included study abroad programs, offer you Spanish classes, full board accommodation and a weekly schedule of activities and excursion, to make your stay more fun and unforgettable.

Combine Spanish and Futbol, or Spanish and cultural activities, while becoming fluent in one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

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