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What is it about?

Mate Education has developed a study program, especially for the Futbol fans and those who want to develop a professional career in the World’s most played sport.

You will be able to combine:

  • Learning a second language.
  • Practising football at 2 of the most famous soccer club foundations in Spain and the world; The Real Madrid & The Barcelona Futbol Club.

Here you will be able of mixing with people from all around the world, who share the same passion as you, “Football”. 

Your accommodation is one of our major concerns, that is why we have 2 options for you;

You can choose from living an authentic Spanish experience, by staying at one of our top host families.

Enjoy amazing homemade meals (Full-board) (Breakfast and Dinner), practise your Spanish skills 24/7, and become another member of the family.

(All families are carefully selected based on students/parents special requirements).


With the school’s located in the heart of Madrid and Barcelona, in one of the most famous and visited streets of each city, with plenty of facilities and services, your experience will be unforgettable.

Our programs offer you all kind of quality Spanish courses, supplemented by a rich agenda of Football training.

Students will have intensive morning Football training with official coaches from each Club’s Foundation.

The focus of the training sessions is the technique, where we will combine Football drills and skills (through a program held by highly qualified trainers from the Real Madrid Foundation and Barcelona Futbol Club Foundation).

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