Health and Community

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Individual support

Work in the community services and health sector by facilitating the empowerment of the elderly and people with disability. Learn communication and provide individual support in the above sectors with professionalism.

Community services

Learn to provide person-centered support to individuals and communities by assessing needs and developing support-based programs. You will gain understanding in promoting diversity in the workplace, learn to monitor and manage stress and well-being of co-workers to develop employee welfare supporting ethical and legal policies and procedures within a business.

Dental assisting

Develop and practice skills in assisting with dental radiography, sterilization of dental equipment, oral healthcare procedures and use of office software in a clinical environment.

Ageing Support

Develop skills to work with the elderly in residential homes or community based environments. You will learn how to communicate with clients and care for their development, facilitation and monitoring, as well as the planning and delivery of individualized services.

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Become a fitness instructor or personal trainer. Gain knowledge of the foundations of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to understand the basics of exercise science. Learn fitness screening, assessing, monitoring and analysing clients’ fitness level and development, as well as learn about the functionality and safety of fitness equipment and plan, develop and deliver fitness plans for clients in both group and one on one settings. You will also learn first aid, CPR, risk and safety management.

Massage Therapy

Improve the wellbeing of clients by developing and practicing skills of this profession that is based on ancient healing and modern science. You will learn the basics of anatomy and physiology and practice massage techniques for a variety of purposes – such as relaxation or deep tissue.

Yoga Teaching

Become a yoga instructor to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of clients through exercise. Learn the foundation of anatomy and physiology as well as a variety of ancient and modern yoga techniques. Learn to plan, demonstrate and teach yoga programs safely.


Become an Enrolled Nurse by learning hwo to administer and monitor medications and care for a variety of patients. Develop communication skills to work within legal and ethical parameters with the elderly, acute care clients and clients with mental health conditions.

Cert IV in Laboratory Techniques + Diploma of Laboratory Technology

Become a laboratory technician in the clinical pathology pharmaceutical or forensic science industries, such as biotechnology, environmental science, mining, and food technology. Learn how to work with samples, perform scientific calculations, and maintain laboratory equipment, become competent in interpreting information using current scientific data analysis approaches, and record data according to industry-standard protocols.