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Byron Bay is a coastal town which belongs to New South Wales State and it is located at no more than 1 hour drive from the Gold Coast. Your mental image from Australia is likely yo be taken out from a postcard of Byron Bay. If you are seeking the real essence from Australia in a hippie paradise this place will be a dreamy study destination for you. Beaches, nature, surf, Bohemian atmosphere and all sorts of art expression. Still not sure? Keep reading, there is more.
Byron Bay is well-known for its Bohemian and chilled style, it is one of the most popular destinations for artists who seek inspiration for their creativity. In addition, the town holds uncountable festivals and events along the year that make this place an attractive destination for both locals and tourists. If you are into yoga or love sports, you will feel here at home. If you also like being outdoors, this town is surrounded by a radiant and wild nature that will make your tracks an unforgettable experience.
Waterfalls, forests, gold beaches and a huge variety of animals are waiting for you in Byron Bay.
In regard to the weather, we can only say one thing: it’s simply one of the best! In fact, temperatures are mild all year round, something that will allow you to enjoy those outdoor activities that we told you about!
However, this paradise also has some cons, as everyone is keen to live in this small town, the lifestyle is slightly higher that in other areas. Due to its great population, the job opportunities are fewer and this factor might make you struggle to find a job but that doesn’t make it impossible!

Should I live in Byron Bay​?









Where should you live in Byron Bay​?

  • Byron Bay center

However, this will not be your ideal place to live if you are dreaming of tranquility and living surrounded by nature, since the center is quite busy.
There are some pro’s and cons to living in the centre. Living in the centre makes sure you are of walking distance to schools, restaurants, shops and cafes. A big downside to living in the centre is that it can get quiet busy and can be expensive.

  • Outer Suburbs

The outer suburbs might be the right place to live if you plan on having a car or just looking for a cheaper place. Some close suburbs include Bangalow and Suffolk Park. Bangalow is a 15 minute drive and is more of an inland residential area. Suffolk Park is just a 10 minute drive from Byron bay and is located close restaurants, shops and the beach.

  • Because Byron is such a small place. you can never guarantee to finding or getting a job.
  • Wages are low and employers will take advantage of job seekers and illegally pay them below the minimum wages.
  • Finding a place to live may be harder than other places, there is a large demand for places to rent and especially close to the beaches.

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The initial step to learning English is through a basic General English program. This is an easy going and dynamic way of learning. This course will lead you through the main 4 elements of the language such as speaking and reading.

Professional Courses

Vocational courses (VET) offer students the opportunity to learn occupational skills ranging from Hospitality, Project Management, Business, sports and Fitness, etc., and that usually include work experience.

Higher Education

Australian universities have a great reputation worldwide, so having the opportunity to study higher education in a country like Australia can be a decision that will impact the rest of your professional future.

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