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Professional courses can be integrated with a university degree and often offer internships or training placements.

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The Vocational Education and Training sector focuses on providing skills for work in a wide range of industries and qualifications.  By studying a professional course, you will develop skills to join or re-join the workforce, to upgrade your skills in a chosen field, to learn the foundations of an industry before studying a university degree or to move into a different career. VET courses are strongly practice focused and teach a specific trade with which you gain skills, knowledge and confidence to work in your desired industry.

Proof of Intermediate level of English is required to enrol into any VET course, however, an official language exam (such as IELTS) might be required.

Although some universities also provide VET courses, they are primarily offered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia. RTOs ensure that these courses provide quality education and training according to industry guidelines and issue a nationally recognised qualification.

Registered Training Organisations that offer courses to international students must register with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), to be monitored by the Australian Government to ensure the high quality of international courses.

Professional courses can be integrated with a university degree and often offer internships or training placements.

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In the VET sector, you can study the following qualifications:

Certificate I, II, III, IV: These are introductory level courses that prepare you for employment and further education and training. Certificates I-II provide basic vocational skills and knowledge, while Certificates III-IV provide training in more advanced skills and knowledge. These certificates are based on each other, so by completing a certain level, you unlock the next one, though it is very common for VET courses to start from Certificate III and IV. The length of these courses is generally anywhere between 6 months to 2 years.

Diploma: Diplomas provide a more advanced level of knowledge and training. For example, working as a paraprofessional or for a business, and typically last 1-2 years.

Advanced Diploma: By developing high level practical skills, you will be qualified for advanced skilled or paraprofessional work in a variety of industries. The length of Advanced Diplomas varies from 1,5 to 2 years of full-time study.

VET courses at the level of Cert IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma can provide you with a pathway to study in the Higher Education sector, and may also provide credits that count towards your university studies

  • Copy of passport
  • Information of previous studies in your home country or country of residence
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or any other language test. (This English requirement can vary depending on the institution and the study program)
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose) A letter of intention as to why we would like to study this program

Your study options

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study trade and contruction

Trade & Contruction

Build a career in an industry that requires hands on. Develop practical skills to work in one of Australia’s most popular industries.

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Study business and entrepreneur

Business & Entrepreneur

From Management to Finance, marketing and learning how to establish and propel your own business, career opportunities in this area are endless. Crunch numbers become a leader and get down to business.

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Study engineering


Engineer your future career by learning the necessary skills to success in a ever changing world. From Electronics to Aircraft Maintenance, specialise your engineering skills across a great range of areas.

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Study Arts and creation

Arts & Creation

Turn your creative abilities into a fulfilling profession. Acquire the knowledge and skills to become a fashion designer, produce digital content for gaming or music production in an era where digitalisation is vital.

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study IT and Cybersecurity networking

I.T. & Cybersecurity Networking

Technology brings the world to your fingertips. Upskill yourself in an industry that is leading the way businesses work. You will not only develop your technical expertise but will also be updated with new technologies.

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study health and community

Health & Community

Help people and give back to the community by emerging in one of Australia’s fastest growing industries. Work in areas such as Individual support, Age care, Nursing, as well as develop skills in Yoga teaching and massage therapies.

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